Five reason that
riich express mall is the answer:

  • Lower Price
  • Trusted Quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • Secured Payment
  • 100% Money back guarantee

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Riich Express Mall – No.1 Wholesale eCommerce

Empowering the Micro Business

Improving Cambodian’s Living Standard, With Riich Express Mall Wholesale Platform, Everyone can own a BUSINESS.

Lower Price

We deducted all the middle-man processes, all products are directly sourced from suppliers, Importers, and Wholesalers. You’ll always receive a better price when you shop with us.

Trusted Quality

The quality of the product is our core value, all products listed in our platform are evaluated through our approval processes.

Fast Delivery

The thing that money can’t buy is “Time”, we understand that time is important to you, and we are committed to providing fast delivery to your door at 24 hours for Phnom Penh and 48 hours for province sides.

Secured Payment

With our cashless platform, you just simply do In-App payments with ABA Pay. It’s secured, easy fast, and guaranteed.

Money Back Guarantee

Trust is our Business Core Value. You will receive 100% money back without asking any single question if you encounter the issues as follows:

  • Did not receive products after payment was done.
  • Products are different from what you have ordered.
  • Products are damaged.

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Need More Assistant

If you have any questions or need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us at 095 718 678 (Borey), 017 918 678 (Chantrei), 089 918 678 (Kakda), 070 718 678 (Sotheavy).

Or email us at


You can go to Playstore or Appstore:

  1. Search “Riich Express Mall” in the search box.
  2. Click “Install” or “Download”.
  3. Click “Open the App”
  4. Create an Account.

It is very simple and easy to create your account with Riich Express Mall App.

  1. Click on “Create an Account”
  2. Fill up “Your name”.
  3. Fill up your phone number.
  4. Verify “OTP Code”
  5. Click “Submit”

Normally the system will ask to turn on the phone location to track the nearest store and allow you to see which are the nearest store that you can place the orders. You can simply click on “Cancel” if you don’t want to share the location.

There are two ways to make the order:

Directly order from the nearest shop:

  1. Turn on your phone location or Enter your location.
  2. Then phone GPS will track the nearest store for you.
  3. Click on the store “Icon” and you will see the store name.
  4. Click on the “store name” to view all products.
  5. Select the products you want.
  6. Click on the “Chart” icon to checkout.
  7. Select your “Shipping address”.
  8. Select “Shipping method”.
  9. Select “Payment Option”
  10. Follow the step to complete the payment.

Order Products from Home Page

You can also order product from App home page:

  1. Select the products and add to “Cart”.
  2. Select shop name and location.
  3. Click on the “Chart” icon to checkout.
  4. Select your “Shipping address”.
  5. Select “Shipping method”.
  6. Select “Payment Option”
  7. Follow the step to complete the payment.

*Note: You can only order product from single shop at one time.

100% safe and secured to process payment via ABA Mobile Pay.

There are two ways to add your shipping address:

Option (I):

  1. Click on [:] at the right-hand side corner.
  2. Click “Shipping Address”.
  3. Click “Add New Address”
  4. Fill up your shipping detail and click on “Save”.

Option (II) – in the address box on the map view home page.

  1. Click on “address box”
  2. Click on “Manage Address”.
  3. Click “Add New Address”
  4. Fill up your shipping detail and click on “Save”.

The order will deliver to your door within 01 days for Phnom Penh city and 02 days for province sides.